#IWontDisappear began as a ten-day social media initiative in May 2019.  The first post of the campaign was created by writer Merri Ukraincik, and quickly went viral. Below are just some of the many posts that appeared during those ten days. Click on the links in each post to view them in their entirety.

Maor Performing Arts

The goal of NCSY Camp Maor is to be a source of light and inspiration for our campers and staff, to help each young woman shine in her own way. In May of 2019, a 10 day social media initiative was started using the hashtags #IWontDisappear and #FrumWomenHaveFaces. This campaign was to help the world see that Jewish girls and women do not need to be hidden from the media. We, here at NCSY Camp Maor, have decided to take on these hashtags, as well as #FrumGirlsHaveFaces, to help teach our girls th


It's been two years since I first wrote about the erasure of a friend's image from the invitation to a dinner supporting a local religious institution. There she was, just an empty space in the photo, her husband -- fully formed and visible -- by her side. Oh, I'd noticed that we women were fading from view before,


"Evil starts when you begin to treat people like things" -Terry Pratchett Eliminating pictures of women in frum media objectifies us, robs us of our personhood. As excited as I am about Good Omens dropping on Amazon today, the #IWontDisappear campaign reminded me of the above quote from one of its coauthors. The black hat, in honor of the inimitable Sir Terry. The book, so I can complain that it was so much better even while binging the show. Even come armageddon, #IWontDisappear


I will not disappear in a car I will not disappear near or far I will not disappear in wig or hat I will not disappear with a cat And with that butchering of the revered Dr. Seuss, I wish you all a good morning. #iwontdisappear #frumwomenhavefaces


Tenth and final day of #iwontdisappear. What began as a consciousness raising effort turned into a movement. A band of sisterhood more powerful than the force of dysfunction we are protesting. I am so proud to be standing with my fellow warriors. The very essence of Achdus.


Erev Shabbat into Shavuot. Receiving the Torah & mitzvot does not just mean studying & doing. We’re supposed to pass it on to our children. I want my children to learn & practice ACTUAL Halacha. That includes my daughter & my sons knowing that no woman deserves to be erased or ignored. I hope that we can continue doing this after Shavuot & keep raising awareness. #Iwontdisappear #frumwomenhavefaces


I haven’t posted a picture for Merri Ukraincik's initiative in a few days. I could say I just forgot or didn’t get around to it, but it’s also because it’s not simple: I hate taking selfies, and I don’t have so many pictures of myself readily available on my phone. It occurs to me that one reason I don’t have so many pictures of myself is that I sometimes avoid them – not because I’m camera-shy, but because often my kids want to play around and take pictures in the evening, when I have nothing


The wonderful writer Merri Ukraincik is encouraging orthodox Jewish women to post photos of themselves online as a response to the disgraceful practice among some ultra-orthodox publications of not showing any women's faces. So here I am. #iwontdisappear.


My real name is Shelley. I feel I do not typically match what most people think of an Orthodox Jewish woman. I don’t really care for fashion, cooking, and romantic stories. I find that many would consider my interests most commonly shared by males instead. I am very big into video games. In fact what I am wearing right here is inspired by a character in a video game I really like. I go to conventions for video games. I collect a lot of merchandise based off the video games I play. I am also very


Peska Friedman, z"l, daughter of the Partzeve Rebbe and sister of the Muncazer Rebbe, my grandmother/Babi. Jeanette Friedman Sieradski, my mother. Me בתשבעויזינגר. My daughter in law Emmy, my granddaughter. When Babi's book, "Going Forward", was translated to Yiddish several years ago, "they" threatened not to sell it if it still had pictures of her, her mother, her grandmother, etc. She told "them" fuggedaboutit.

Jessica Chavi

I have had my own personal struggle with the issue of excluding women from Orthodox publications. Years ago when I felt the pull of insularity more, I thought well this is something women choose for themselves... But in the last few years I have appreciated the intelligent and compelling commentary on this from Ann Koffsky Avital Chizhik Goldschmidt Merri Ukraincik Alex Fleksher Chamie Orbach-Haber Chana Weinstock Neuberger Leslie Ginsparg Klein and others. And it made me realize that


Joining the movement of all of us frum women posting our faces until Shavuot. We should be seen, we exist. Thank you to my amazing friends who have already posted, inspiring me to do so.


Women are disappearing from the orthodox world. Catalogs full of happy families with no women or girls, advertisements with dolls or manikins wearing the girls clothing, blank spaces where a woman's face belongs in a list of speakers at an event. In some publications, they even hesitate to print a woman's name, simply referring to her as so-and-so's daughter or wife. This is not modesty, this is not Judaism and this is not halacha, and this is not even tradition. This is an arms race of...


I never post pictures of myself online but for this cause I will make an exception. (Binyamin photobombed because he believes in the cause too! :) #iwontdisappear #frumwomenhavefaces


Day 6 - two years ago a few weeks after Merri’s original erasure article came out I found out that an article that I had submitted to an optometric business magazine was going to be printed. The first thing, the very first thing they asked for was a current headshot. I laughed at the irony but really it wasn’t funny at all. My Facebook friend who took this photo of me at work wanted me to explain to her the meaning of #iwontdisappear and quite frankly it was painful and somewhat embarrassing to


"It is only to say that I never felt diminished as a person — at any age – due to my gender. On the contrary, any time I had an additional request for the Rebbe, he took the time to respond. But I do know that to this day, that photo sits in a simple plastic frame near my Shabbat candles. It’s a memento of a distant part of my life. And one that won’t soon be erased. " by Daphne Lazar Price #FrumWomenHaveFaces #womenhavefaces #Iwontdissapear




The kugel is done, the green beans, roast veggies. Time to slide the chickens in the oven and make some fudge. This leaves plenty of time to post my #frumwomenhavefaces photo today. #Iwontdisappear (Loved everyone's faces on my feed today. Keep 'em coming!!!)


Me at work, when I wanted to be more of a mommy than a professional on this particular day. This is the life of many women today, juggling our various roles and struggling with when to lean in to what. I am not a selfie person, but sharing this as part of the #iwontdisappear challenge initiated by Merri Ukraincik. My fellow women and I won’t disappear. We will continue to do what we do best, carrying and balancing the weight of our responsibilities by supporting each other and making sure our


I didn’t participate in the recent #IWontDisappear campaign. I appreciated it and was glad for all the women that posted. And yet, I refrained. Perhaps it was inner modesty. Nope. Scratch that. It wasn’t inner modesty. It was my critical inner voice worrying that my photo wouldn’t be adequate. And then yesterday – I saw the post that changed that for me. A modern Mizrachi woman selling a wig on a private community Facebook group chose to obscure her face with emojis while showing the quality of