Each of the women below is available to speak on the topic of women's images in frum media.

To inquire about availability, email us at info@frumwomenhavefaces.

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Avital Chizhik-Goldschmidt

Avital is an editor at The Forward and teaches journalism at Stern College for Women. She speaks about the intersection of journalism and halacha, Orthodox Jewish media and women’s issues.

New York, NY

Dr. Leslie Ginsparg Klein

Leslie is a writer, educator, and historian. Her talk on this subject focuses on the history of women's imagery in Jewish texts and publications. 

Baltimore, MD

Anne Gordon

Anne Gordon is a cofounder of Chochmat Nashim. She is an experienced educator, and now deputy editor of Ops & Blogs at The Times of Israel.

Jerusalem, Israel

Shoshanna Keats Jaskoll

Shoshanna is cofounder of Chochmat Nashim, a writer and an activist.

Beit Shemesh, Israel

Toby Klein Greenwald

Toby is an award-winning journalist, theater director and educator, who has worked with teens at risk, with people who have suffered trauma, and with advanced educators. 

Efrat, Israel

Ann D. Koffsky

Ann is the author and illustrator of more than 30 books, and is an editor and art director at Behrman House Publishers. She speaks on the issue from an artist's perspective. 

Long Island, NY

Breindy Lazor

Breindy is a special education teacher. She speaks about the issue as a mother of, and educator to, young children.

Brooklyn, NY

Techiyah Levine

Techiyah is a teacher, resin jewlery artist, and certified Innate Health Practitioner. Her talk focuses on encouraging unity and improving relationships. 

Seattle, WA

Chava Willig Levy

Chava is a writer and motivational speaker who zips around in a motorized wheelchair. She knows that as much as the invisibility of women and girls is harmful, the invisibility of women and girls with disabilities is exponentially more harmful.

Woodmere, NY

Yael Levy

Yael is an artist and writer who’s debut novel, Brooklyn Love,  explores issues in shidduch dating. Yael’s talk focus on  how the lack of women’s pictures in frum media and superficiality adds to the “shidduch crisis”.

Beit Shemesh, Israel

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Rivka Lieberman

Rivka is the founder of Tmunah Magazine. Her talk focuses on what motivated her to start Tmunah Jr., a kids' Torah magazine that specifically includes images of both genders.

Brooklyn, NY

Kylie Ora Lobell

Kylie is a convert to (Orthodox) Judaism who has written for Aish, Chabad.org, Jewish Journal of LA, The Forward, Tablet Magazine, The Washington Post, and the LA Times. She is also the editor of Jewess Magazine. 

Los Angeles, CA

Meira E. Schneider-Atik

As a stylist, Meira defines her job as helping women feel good about themselves and strongly feels that when their photos are excluded, it takes away their kavod, dignity and humanity. Her writing has appeared in the Queens Jewish Link and Jewess Magazine.   

Queens, NY

Sarah Davis Rudolph

Sarah is an educator and freelance writer. She explores the issue using traditional Jewish texts and  focuses on finding the appropriate halachic balance in Jewish observance.  

Cleveland, OH

Shira Lankin Sheps

Shira is a social worker, writer, and photojournalist. She is the founder and publisher of The Layers Project Magazine, which seeks to put Jewish women back in Jewish media spaces.  

Fairlawn, NJ

Penina Taylor

Penina is a Jewish inspirational and motivational speaker, life coach and author. She speaks about the issue from the perspective of its emotional and spiritual impact on Klal Israel, and specifically the next generation.

Jerusalem, Israel

Merri Ukrainchick

Merri is a writer and blogger on Jewish topics and everyday life. She has written about women in pictures for Hevria and The Layers Project.  

Edison, NJ

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