Take Action

SUPPORT publications that include pictures of women and girls


Check out: The Layers Project, Jewess Magazine,  www.tmunah.com, The Front Page, Jewish Action Magazine, Nashim Magazine, The Jewish Press, Fleishigs Magazine to name a few publications that make a point of including respectful photos of women.

If you don't SEE something, SAY something

Is your shul dinner brochure including a picture of him but not her? Say something. Does a magazine you enjoy reading refuse to print pictures of women? Write a letter or email their editor.

Here are emails for some of the publications that currently do not print pictures of women. Let them hear from you:

Ami Magazine: letters@amimagazine.org

Binah: inbox@binahmagazine.com

Hamodia: letters@hamodia.com

Family First: familyfirst@mishpacha.com

Flatbush Jewish Journal: editor@thefjj.com (they sometimes include women's photos, but rarely).

Kolmus: kolmuseditor@mishpacha.com

Mishpacha Junior: junior@mishpacha.com

Mishpacha Magazine: info@mishpacha.com

Yated: editor@yated.com

STAY in the Picture

Are you being honored? Covered in a magazine? Send them your head shot! Ask to be included. If your family is taking a family photo--don't duck out. If you are in a group shot for an organization, try to stand in or toward the center so you can't be cropped out, If they ask you to leave the picture, ASK WHY! Express your disappointment that you are being excluded.  We need to all set an example that women belong. 

Husbands, Sons, Fathers: We need you, too!


If you and your wife are being honored, refuse to allow yourself to be pictured without her. We need you to be our giborim chayilim, and help us win this battle! Your efforts and support can help us make a difference.

JOIN the Conversation

Find like-minded friends on this sites group, FrumWomenHave Faces (facebook) and Put the Women Back in Frum Media (Facebook). Post a picture of yourelf using the #IWontDisappear.   Discuss the issue at your Shabbos table, on WhatsApp, over dinners, at the park- anywhere! Help keep this conversation going. 

SHARE these guidlines

Share these resources, including a press guideline and FAQ sheet from Chochmat Nashim with the Jewish media. 

SHARE this site

Let others know about this website. Share the link, or, print this pdf and post it in your local pizza shop or shul bulletin board. Help be a part of the solution!